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The understanding and excitement of Juneteenth is growing at a


 phenomenal rate. Cities and States all across the U.S. and beyond are realizing the wonderful opportunity we have to come together in appreciation, reconciliation and commemoration. During Juneteenth we acknowledge the African American spirit and pay tribute to the roles and contributions which have enriched our society. The website provides a channel in which to connect and unite all whom share the vision of this celebration.


Through the efforts of those at the grassroots level, to those on the state and national levels, Juneteenth celebrations are now held in most, if not all, 50 states. Over half have passed some form of legislation establishing Juneteenth as a Special Day of Recognition. Several other states have similar legislation pending. The recognition and honor of Juneteenth extends even beyond our borders. Expatriates, teachers, servicemen and others have continued their celebrations internationally.


We cherish their dedication, as well as each and every one of you, who see the wisdom and vision of an America who comes to terms with truth, acknowledges its mistakes and commits to liberty and justice for all.  We live in a different world today. There is no room, nor time, for bigotry, hatred and racism within our own citizenry. 


That indeed, is our vision.  We hope you enjoy your visit to We look forward to keeping you informed on the news of Juneteenth, and other matters of importance. Together, as we work toward the 150th Anniversary in 2015, we look forward to forming tighter bonds, partnerships and greater understanding.


As you peruse the site, please take a moment to give us your feedback.

Your input is very important. Tell your friends, neighbors and organizations to log on and support our efforts. Help us tell the story and communicate the Spirit of Juneteenth.



Clifford Robinson


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