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"As a child, I was told about the fact of 'Juneteenth' and the importance of the history, because I was born on this very important date, in 1958. I was often ridiculed at an early age, when I told everyone that I was born on 'Juneteenth'. Of course I didn't know any better at the time, but I know it did upset me when everyone laughed about my knowledge this date in Texas history. I would always proudly announce to them that, 'Yes Ma'am or Sir, it is the Emancipation Proclamation Day in Texas, When all slaves were made free men and women." Shoot, I was only about 4 or 5 at the time, a Caucasian youth in Dallas, Texas, and I knew more about this important date than anyone else that I met. I gradually moved away from announcing this bit of information to all, who I met over the years, because of the ridicule I received as a child. But today, I am proud to say that, "Yes, I was born on June 19th, or Juneteenth. And if you do not know what that means, look it up. You will find, that it is a very important date in the lives of all American's. And I proudly celebrate my birthday on this date, in the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave."

"I just want to thank you for the page. It clearly did something for me even though I cannot put my finger on it, but I will tell you it has been an awesome awakening experience for me and I will tell others about this page."

"I feel a special connection to Juneteenth because June 19 is MY BIRTHDAY. I first heard of Juneteenth in 1985 when I heard the Juneteenth Blues Festival on National Public Radio. I am not African-American, but freedom from bondage is a concept that stirs the hearts of liberty-loving people regardless of ethnicity."

"I would like to commend this website. Many people do not think of the horrors suffered by the slaves brought to the "New World" unwillingly. Taken from the families, friends, and homes forcefully. Many lives were lost needlessly. I have watched movies and such relating to the times of slavery and am disgusted by the actions of those who thought they were the superior race among all people. Unfortunately, probably half of them still believe it to be true today. I am a white female and feel shame for what "my race" did to those who were brought here and stripped of all dignity and rights, beaten, raped, maimed, tortured, and murdered. I myself did not come from a family that owned plantations but still feel the shame. I'm very glad to have been introduced to this website and hope Juneteenth is one day made into a Federal Holiday, not just to get another paid holiday but for the recognition it deserves."

"I was unaware of this celebration, until 4th grade grandson came home with homework. And began to tell me the history of this day, I thought this is so awesome my black prince so excited to tell me some of his history. I'm usually the one telling him. Thank you so much for this site he's found so much useful information to take back and share with his classmates and teachers."

"Thank you for this great information. I have copied it for my grandchildren. This is the first of their summer history lessons. They will have no opportunity to learn this in their public school history. THANK YOU!!! ."

"I read the article in the Detroit News. I was glad to see that you are attempting to make your Juneteenth Celebration diverse and inclusive. Good luck. "

"This site is a wealth of knowledge. As a native Texan I knew about the connection with the Emancipation Proclamation, but had no idea why it took so long for Texans to learn of their freedom. Thanks for elaborating about General Granger and his troops."

"I am a native Galvestonian, I have found the information on your web site to be very informatative, I've always been told of the meaning of Juneteenth, but I never really sit and read of the events myself. Having found your web site I can now sit my children down and let them read of the events themselves so that they may get the full understanding of the very important day and the roll their little city (as they call it) played in all of this. And they will also understand why I myself do not work on Juneteenth, even if I have to use my vacation time, it is a day to be observed by all but especially by African American that has the job stability & vacation time available!"

"This was a wonderful site. Can't wait to call my daughter and son-in-law and share this site with them and encourage them to participate in the Juneteenth celebration in their new home town, Plano, Texas."

"It is wonderful to have a black acknowledgement day such as Juneteenth. This shows how strong the black race is. We made it through slavery, segregation, and we still face discrimination today so it is always great to hear the black community joining together, to acknowledge each other. we need to pull together and stay strong."

"I am a forty-nine year old Af-Am man and it makes me so sorry to know that I had never heard of the Juneteenth celebration until I was forty-five. I beleive that I am not alone in this and that there are many, many others who also do not know of this but would be proud to. I must say that I came to know of this by way of the voices on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. The birth of my God-daughter on Juneteenth 1998 gives me a special feeling of pride. It makes me so happy to link her birthday with the celebration. I would be honored to join your mailing list and become part of the Juneteenth Family. "

"I have truly enjoyed your presentation and much valued information concerning the Juneteenth Celebration and its MEANING TO US AS BLACK PEOPLE. My brothers and sistas keep up the good work, it would be a pleasure if we all would just pull together as the other races do...just think of the power we could have. God Bless!"

"It was great to find a history of the hoilday so succnintly done and at one's finger tips. The information was quite helpful and the web site gives ways to further explore the issue. Thank you for a job well done!"

"I am writing to say Thanks. I am introducing Juneteenth to my Job, we are having a celebration, and you provided me with all the information I needed."


"Your website is very informative, the information is to the point. My father was born and raised in Galvaston, TX. My Grandmother and Great-Grandmother would always talk about Juneteenth when I was a child. I am 35 and my birthday is on June 19th. Thanks to Essence Magazine I learned of your website and have decided to learn more about the history of Juneteenth. Thank you."

"I would just like to extend my appreciation for having this website. After being told that I wasn't expected to know what Juneteenth was because I wasn't black I had to find out for myself. This site allowed me the opportunity to gain a greater insight and will allow me to educate my professor that which she does not comprehend. I was born and raised in Texas and that is where it all began. Thank you once again."

"I used your newsletter as a learning tool for my Sabbath School class. The children showed great interest and i enjoyed it as well. Thank you for bringing the facts about Juneteenth to us."

"I am a diversity leader for my company and this website informed about Juneteenth activities in my area. I am caucasian and learned information that I never knew before about Juneteenth. I will take this information back to my team members. Thank You"

"Congratulations on putting together a very meaningful and necessary web site. I am especially gratified to see our dear friend Tom Feelings' images so prominently featured. The Middle Passage is absolutely the first key to understanding the meaning of Juneteenth, and the quotations you have selected are most appropriate. There is an aspect of the Juneteenth celebration that does need to be addressed. I heard one person comment that perhaps the whole celebration is misguided because it supports the notion that someone else had to tell us that we were free. There is something to this, to be sure, but I think the real point (as I see it) of the celebration needs to be underscored time and again, to put to rest some of those objections. That real point is that to the extent that the legalized abolition of slavery (the end of its legitimacy and enforcement by force of state power) was a goal that was mightily and courageously struggled for by so many for so long, it is a landmark worth noting, but, more importantly, Juneteenth says that until the last of us were truly free (in the legal sense) none of us were really free. Keep up the good! "

"look forward to spreading the word to family and friends "

"This is my first time hearing of this type of celebration, and I am looking forward to attending with my nephews. All types of celebrations in reference to ending slavery is a plus - Congratulations on this endeavor, I know that it will be a success and will be better and better in future years to come."

"I really enjoyed this site and glad to see the Juneteenth is being spread throughtout the Nation and World. This is a special do me because I am a Black Man from and live in Texas, and it's also my BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you to all that contributed in creating this site."

"Until everyone is free and respected no one is really free or respected. "

"I am glad a found a website that explains Juneteenth. I work at a local college in Memphis, TN and I have posted this information for other African American students to learn a little history. Thanks! "

"I LOVE Juneteenth!!"

"This was the best web site I visited today."

"I wrote to the Daily News in New York and asked them to put a little mention of this in there opinion / editorial page last year and they neither responded or printed anything about this. There needs to be a mass way of telling our people about this holiday. I found out about it while reading something my mother had given to me but not a lot of people had heard about it including my mother. Please help me to think of ways to get this holiday to be as wide spread and celebrated as the 4th of July because in reality, this is OUR independence day."


"I think your website is great. I'm a west-coast based, southerner by heritage woman, who appreciates these sort of informative sites. Thanks much."

"Our Direction in life seems so unclear sometimes when we allow ourselves to forget where we come from and let go of our roots. I thank you for careing about me so that I won't be blind to my roots.  "

"I really enjoyed reading the history of Juneteenth. I plan to share this information with our youth in the community. I look forward to attending one of the nearest locations of celebrations. Keep up the good work. Many people are not familiar with the Juneteenth Celebration of Life"

"It's wonderful to see such a website. I am a born and raised Texan and I work in an environment with many New Yorkers that are new to Texas who have never heard of Juneteenth. This website has enabled me to educate a whole new population on black history. Keep up the good work!"

"Thank you for keeping our heritage alive. Many young people need to know the legacy of those who made the "good" life possible."


"Just had to drop a little note that I am glad that this information is made available because I was never taught about this day in any class room. I was not even taught this information in college and i went to a HBCU. I will however ensure that i do teach my son this information because i know it will not be taught in any of his schools"

"This is an awesome event that is getting bigger and bigger with each year! Praises to our ancestors, our present, and our future! "

"Thanks for the history lesson. I homeshool my 7yr old step-son and I was wondering how I was going to explain such a great event in history to him."

"This site is just what the Dr. ordered. If we don't start training our kids about themselves, now, then they'll never learn. Good Job. I will forward your site to all my family and friends."

"I felt so much emotion while visiting your site. I loved the pictorial by Tom Feelings. You could feel emotion through his pictures. Your site was very uplifting. I am Caucasian and I apologize for what my people did. I will be celebrating Juneteenth with my African American friends. Thank you for opening people's eyes and hearts through your web site."

"Just want to say thank you. "

"My brother, currently confined to a federal prison, requested information on the history of Juneteeth. Thank you for making my search so easy and informative. Continue to place historical information in the reach of the average american, and hopefully our history will become well known by all. "

"Thank you for providing such comprehensive and compelling information. I will certainly incorporate much of this information into my Social Studies teaching."


"I found this website to be very well put together and informative. I pray that you continue to promote Juneteenth and what it stands for. I can never get tired of learning about my black history, how far we have come and Praise the Lord! for this awesom future that He has planned for us. God Bless this organization and all of the good that it endeavors to do."

"This is a contagious blessing, one that will spread throughout my life. "

"This is a Great Site and is loaded with useful and needed information!!!! "

"Great webpage! I'm happy to see such a well organized effort to spread the word and keep the celebration alive and growing. May God bless your efforts. I'm going to see what I can do to contribute locally to the efforts. Thanks, again."

"I found out about your web site in Kmart's Inside out magazine. We were educated to June 19th celebration by way of a tv program. Not enough broadcasting. Please encourage the tv net work to rally in releasing more information and the history of this historical celebration esp. for the Black Community; radio too! Thanks for the web site!!! "

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