See Juneteenth '98


National Juneteenth Video Production Production - Opportunity!
National Juneteenth Celebration Foundation

"Celebration in the Nation"

Dillaway-Thomas House - Roxbury Heritage State Park
June 16-22 USlave Art Exhibit - Juneteenth: A Tribute to our Ancestors
June 19 (Thursday) Juneteenth Flag Raising in John Eliot Square
June 19 (Thursday) Colored Ladies of the 54th Regiment, Massachusetts Glory Brigade
June 22 (Sunday) Juneteenth Film, Video & Play Festival (original works-prizes)
for further information call Boston Ben/Ben Haith, National Juneteenth Celebration Foundation, 617/445-5445

Franklin Park, Dorchester (rear of the Shattuck Hospital)
June 21 (Saturday) - Juneteenth Celebration - Family Picnic - 11am
for further information call Evelyn at 617/442-1218, Danny at 617/862-3707 or Roberta at 617/541-9200

Masjid Al Quaran, 35 Intervale Street, Dorchester
June 19 (Thursday) Juneteenth Celebration
June 20 (Friday) Juneteenth Celebration
June 21 (Saturday) - Intervale Street Festival, 11am-7pm
for further information call Alif Muhammad, 617/445-8070 or 617/349-6659

African Diaspora Art Museum, 12 Morley Street, Roxbury
for further information call Napoleon Jones-Henderson, 617/541-8943

Jeep Jones Park, Roxbury
June 1-21 Juneteenth Picnic - Bring your chairs, musical instruments and your art to share with others any day and time.
You may bring your own food or be provided with free food.
for further information call Charles Manning, 617/536-8188

Dudley Branch Library, Roxbury
Summer '97 Joe:An American Story - 3 Dimensional representation based on original play by Boston Ben/Ben Haith
Honey Child Theatre Company
for further information call Boston Ben/Ben Haith, 617/445-5445